Recommendations for supplementing the current diets with Hydroponic GreenForage.

1. The addition of green, succulent and fresh hydrophonically produced grass improves the efficiency of any type of rationing.

2. The use of Hydroponic Green Germination may eliminate the need of using synthetic vitamins and any other nutritional supplement, as well as reduce the amount of grams in the ration.

3. Thanks to its high content in vitamins E, C and A, the Green Hydrophonic Forage has a marked effect on the reproductive processes, achieving a fertility and fecundity increase in animals.

4. This vitamin and trace elements' content lead to a generally improved condition in the animals, having a great influence on the regeneration of the epitheliums, as well as its influence on the fur's condition.

5. A beneficial effect is also obtained by giving the livestock the same food every day of their reproductive cycle, without the risks of digestive disorders due to the changes in composition or the food's origin, so frequent in the stockbreeding practice.

6. Despite the fact that, due to its appearance and origin, we call it Green Hydrophonic Forage, because of its use in rationing, it would be more correct to consider it as a fodder, a “Live Fodder"

7. It allows to adapt the feeding to rumen instead of, as is the case with the traditional systems based on dry food (rich in concentrates), adapting rumen to the food.

8. The barley's green germination acquires a fundamental role in the “Single Ration” feeding system

Especially indicated for the ruminants, the green germination's effect mixed with straw and cereal flour possesses the following benefits:

Ration's catalyser: The green germination helps to better digest the rest of the components that accompany it.

It increases the taste: The animal likes the taste and encourages its ingestion .