Livestrock Complexes

The agrarian socio-cultural evolution is changing the design and approach concepts of the modern livestock exploitation's management, creating an ever-growing link with the business approaches.

Involved in this problematic situation, Eleusis Internacional offers new ideas and technologies in the livestock projects' development. High level technology farms are proposed in this field, abiding to economic profitability parameters aimed at improving four basic factors:

Genetic Level. The use of selected breeds with a high productive potential as a starting point in an exploitation's profitability.

Feed. Use of hydrophonic cultivation, strengthening the natural resources' exploitation, but with a higher degree of independence from the adverse means.

Labour. Optimisation of the number of animals to be handled per operator, mechanising the laborious tasks (distributing the feed, milking, etc.).

Administration. Individual computerised control of each production, facilitating management and decision-making.